Trigger Point Massage Clinics

Cat Matlock’s LMBT trigger point massage students hold  affordable clinics for trigger point massage.


Low Cost Community Clinic: Trigger Point Massage for Neck and Shoulders

Sunday September 30th, 10am-3pm

$40 for a one hour session

Cat’s apprentices are fully trained on Trigger Point Therapy for neck and shoulder pain and are ready to help you! Don’t miss this opportunity for low cost, high quality work! 

Free Body Trigger Point Massage Clinic has a one year mentorship program through which Cat Matlock teaches, guides, and encourages massage therapists in the practices and techniques she has found most helpful in creating more ease in the body.




ATTENTION! You must make a Wellnessliving profile to register. You will be taken from this site Wellnessliving where you will  be prompted to set up an account for a student profile to register. Please go through the process and send us an email at  if you have any questions.


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