Self Care Classes

Cat Matlock has been a licensed massage therapist and bodyworker since 1993, dedicating her practice to the understanding and relieving of the tensional systems which create chronic pain in our bodies. After 25 years and thousands of hours of study and practice, she believes the key to effectively releasing these tensional patterns is in combining simple fascial connective tissue opening with the compressive release of trigger points.  

Current Offerings:

FreeBody Therapeutics for the Lower Body: Feet, Legs, Thighs, Hips, and Low Back 

January 31-Feb 21 (4 sessions)                                          Thursdays 10-11:30am                                                           $60 for series, $18 for drop-in



For the $60 Series
For the $18 Drop-In

FreeBody Therapeutics for the Upper Body: Belly, Back, Chest, Shoulder, and Neck

Thursday, March 21-April 18 (5 sessions) from 10:00-11:30am

 $75 for series, $18 for drop-in

For the Series – $75
For the Drop In- $18

NOW OPEN: Tue.-Fri.:9am-2pm & Sun.:10am-3pm
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