Massage Appointments with Cat Matlock

Trigger Point Therapy for Chronic Pain

Receiving Trigger Point therapy from Cat is a bit like getting an anatomy lesson, therapeutic massage, and personal care training all in one.  Cat will listen to you, observe and feel your tension patterns, then explain what she observes is going on, describing the anatomy in simple terms for you to understand.  She will then begin with opening the fascial restrictions, often on the opposite side of your pain, to free the tensional pull of your muscles on your bones.  Once the connective tissues are more free, the trigger points in the muscles will more readily release.  Cat spends time searching and releasing these focal points of tension.  Each point only need be held a short period, for a few breaths.  To conclude your session, Cat will then instruct you on how to take care of yourself, outlining a program designed especially for you.  She will teach you how to release your own trigger points at home using various balls and such, and help you to understand what needs to be lengthened in your body and what needs to be strengthened in your body to restore balance.

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3 Sessions to Freedom

This is the program you want if you have a specific issue of chronic pain that you wish to address.  The first session requires 2 hours as the evaluation, explanation, and instruction takes some time.  Cat will use trigger point release techniques on the muscles with are creating your discomfort, including the muscles on the opposite side of where your pain is as those are often where the tension begins.  She will train how to use the therapy balls that come with your session and make sure you understand how to release those points at home. The second and third sessions take 1.5 hours as we evaluate your progress, check what you’ve been doing, and make sure you’re feeling comfortable with your home practice.  Cat will work with you on the table for a large part of these sessions, following how the tensional pattern has shifted and making adjustments to your home program as needed.  As my schedule fills quite rapidly and in advance, it is recommended that you go ahead and schedule all 3 sessions at the time of your booking.  You can book the second session a week or two after the first, and the third session a week or two after the second.  So we want to get all 3 sessions completed within 5 weeks.  As the tissue unwinds and releases, the whole body begins to shift and change and we address older patterns of tension as they arise. For you to truly heal and feel good again in your body, your home practice is necessary.   And it is actually quite simple and feels really great.  You learn how to release your trigger points and stretch your fascia yourself so you can progress rapidly with a little commitment each day.  Then when we work together in another session, we are continuing this work together and you don’t lose ground in between sessions. As a matter of fact, you get closer to pain free every single day! Following is a list of symptoms that I have personally helped my clients to heal over my 20 years of practice: Migraines and tension headaches, chronic neck pain, restless leg syndrome, TMJ, sciatica, false sciatica, low back pain, pain in the hips which prevents you from sleeping when you lie on that side, pain in the shoulder, frozen shoulder, bursitis, heel pain, foot pain, weakness in a muscle which has also lost range of motion, groin pain, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome, numbing down the arms, numbing in the hands, sacro-iliac joint issues and pain, injuries from dance and sports, post-surgical recovery of knees, shoulders, and hips, and more. In these 3 sessions, my goal is to assist you as we work together to create significant change in your body.  You may be completely out of your pain after those 3 sessions, coupled with your practice at home, as that often happens.  Sometimes the patterns are deep and there are perpetuating factors that will necessitate one or more sessions, which is entirely up to you.  You may feel solid enough in your home care practice to move on by yourself and clear the last little bit up yourself.  If after 3 sessions my work has not significantly changed how you feel for the better, then it probably is not what you need at this time on your healing journey.

Give me 3 sessions and let’s see what magic we can do!

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The cost for 3 Sessions to Freedom is $375, which includes your own set of trigger point release balls, an individually designed program complete with pictures to follow and detailed instruction on how to care for yourself, and over 5 hours of one on one time and bodywork with Cat Matlock.  The first session is $145. Please go ahead and book all 3 sessions within 5 weeks as my schedule tends to fill up a couple of months in advance and you don’t want to have to wait a month or two for your second session.  You can always cancel your later sessions if you feel the work is not valuable to you.  I always have a waiting list.

Single Trigger Point therapeutic bodywork sessions are available for new clients who just want one session.  These sessions are either 1.5 hours for $115 or 2 hours for $145

**Rates: $115 for 90 minutes, $145 for 2 hour sessions

Returning clients who have gone through the 3 Sessions to Freedom may return for a one hour tune up for $85.  One hour trigger point sessions are only available to returning clients. New clients wishing for just an hour can come for a one hour integrative massage session. Please see that page.

Integrate and Restore: Massage for the Whole Self

Your choice for a full body integrative massage, sessions are 1, 1.5, or 2 hours.  The integrative massages combine Swedish techniques for warming and lengthening with compression and specific work to unlock tight areas.  The integrative sessions are a mixed bag of relaxation and releasing techniques to bring down the general tension in the whole body and leave you feeling refreshed, and deeply relaxed.  Cat has practiced and studied massage therapy since 1992 and has taught yoga and massage since 2000.  She has studied Swedish massage, fascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, Hawaiian lomi-lomi massage, prenatal massage, sports therapeutics, and more.  Each integrative session is masterfully created for each individual and is based on the tensional patterns that are showing up when you arrive for your session.

Costs per session are $85 for one hour, $115 for 1.5 hours, and $145 for 2 hours.

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Prenatal Massage for the Sacred Journey to Motherhood

Prenatal massage is a special treat for the mama-to-be.  Prenatal massage sessions are 60 or 90 minutes of bliss on a specially designed massage table which allows mama to lie face down for the treatment.  In this position the shoulders, back, hips, hamstrings, and calves can be easily massaged, relieving many of the most common areas of discomfort in pregnancy. Cat integrates her knowledge in trigger point release work to help mama sleep better, experience less tension in the hips and low back, and have more ease in her pregnant body.

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Cost: $85 for one hour, $115 for 90 minutes 

Location 619 Haywood Rd Suite F Asheville, NC 28806 Phone (828) 767-2234 E-mail Hours Tuesday 9-2, Wednesday 3-8, Thursday 9-2, Friday 3-8, Saturday (first & Third of the month) 10-3, Sunday 10-3
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