Benjamin Bruckman

Ben has a wide array of life experiences — he lived for two years in Vedic ashrams and India, served a tour in the military special ops, lived in a graduate student cooperative in Berkeley, and obtained a fancy M.S. in non-profit leadership.

These experiences have brought him to an appreciation for how powerful an instance of skillful touch and presence can be, a deep curiosity to understand the nature of healing, and a passion for radical models of creating and serving community.

As an L.M.B.T. Ben is most excited to work with clients who are dedicated to discovering where they hold onto constriction, and releasing these blocks. When at its best, his style is a fluid integration of intuitive and linear approaches to healing.

Ben happened to first meet JulieAnn and Andrew three hours before boarding a plane to apply to  Acupuncture school in Philadelphia — his home town. Within moments he decided against school, recognizing that The Alternative Clinic holds a level of clarity and capability that is rare to find. He’s grateful they are letting him hang around and deepen his practice.

NOW OPEN: Tue.-Fri.:9am-2pm & Sun.:10am-3pm
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